EYE 4 Art / Jury Exhibition 2012 / Chatham Kent, ON

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When making a reasonable assessment of contemporary artistic production we are always both looking back and at the same time forward in a dialectic analysis of past and present. The present has been constructed by traditions and rituals and already holds future manifestations. In this way we can say that what we see with EYE 4 ART is not only a response to the efforts and interactions between the Thames Art Gallery and the local creative production in Chatham, but also a result of the entire chain of elements that play a role in cultural production, such as access to studio space, funding, cultural institutions, as well as the dissemination of a cultural program through founders, promoters, curators, as well as volunteers.

With  EYE 4 ART’s selection of art works we can witness an especially vibrant and active art community that will hopefully continue growing and showing its presence.

Congratulations to the artists and everyone involved in making EYE 4 ART possible.

Jose Seoane

Eye for Art 2012 (76)


Eye for Art 2012 (84)