jose seoane 2006

Transmutation 2006 / 118x 78 “

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  1. Monika Roth
    September 28, 2015

    Dear José Seoane Hernandez,

    my Name is Monika Roth and I am a painting conservator in Linz, Upper Austria. I was contacted by Trierenberg Art who own a series of 4 paintings, which you painted there on 23rd of November 2006. There are some little damages of the painting surface which I am expected to conserve and restore.
    Thus it would be very helpful for me, and I would be very grateful, if you could answer some questions on your painting technique:
    Which material did you use for these paintings: Ground layer, paint layers, varnish layer (if there is such). I am especially interested in which binding materials you used.

    Please answer per mail. Thank you so much in advance! Yours sincerely, Monika

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