Spaces Between

March 2 to April 6, 2013
SB Contemporary, Windsor, Canada
Curator Sarah Beveridge writes: "In this painting exhibition, Seoane reflects on a back-and-forth struggle between two very different worlds. These large abstract works, both physically and conceptually, can be viewed as symbolic “walls” dividing two places.

Seoane is originally from Cuba, and has been living here in Canada for the last ten years. As a migrant to this country, there are repeated dualistic questions regarding notions of transculturation and cultural identity represented in his practice: what is absent from the past and what is now present, what is revealed and what remains hidden and untold between these layers.

When coming face-to-face with Seoane’s work one is entranced by the earth tones of brown and orange, and elevated through the touches of red, blue and hits of yellow. The warmth generated in the work holds you still, in one place, as you stand pondering your own relationship to space. Seoane would describe his process, “as a slow process – in search of an essence of place.”